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The Base3usa warehouse is:

  • Within a day’s drive of 80% of the US population – that’s 238 million people.
  • 45 minutes drive of Atlanta Hartsfield Airport – only a 5 hour flight from LA.
  • 4 hours drive from the Port of Savannah – the largest east coast container facility.

And, with Base3usa you get:

  • Competitive shipping rates.
  • Base3usa bulk discount rates for courier and shipping.
  • Products delivered fast around the USA.

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  Call 07-575-6903 now to find out how to launch your
USA export home run from Base3usa!
  Base3usa NZ Headquarters
PO Box 4372, Mt Maunganui, New Zealand
Phone: +64-7-575-6903   Fax: +64-7-575 8960
  Base3usa USA Warehouse
1145 Uniform Road, Griffin, GA 30224
Phone: +1-678-373-4041 Fax: +1-770-412-8403