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To get started in the US market you could rent a warehouse and staff, you could be dependent on a distributor, or you could leave warehousing, logistics and order fulfilment to Base3usa.

At the Base3usa warehouse we take great care of your goods.  They are:

  • Quality checked on arrival.
  • Stored in a dry, climate controlled environment.
  • Tracked from receipt to shipping and delivery.
  • Reconciled regularly between electronic and actual inventory.
  • Treated with the same care and attention we would treat our own.
As a Base3usa Warehouse client you choose the services you want, when you want them:
  • Place orders or back-orders via the web.
  • Permit clients to order direct from Base3usa.
  • Access inventory reports via the internet 24/7.
  • Receive digital images of any goods that arrive damaged.
  • Use our virtual office as your own.

And at Base3usa we think both big and small, storing and handling:

  • Heavy weight goods.
  • Small goods.
  • Apparel.
  • Parts and sub-assembly kits.

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  Call 07-575-6903 now to find out how to launch your
USA export home run from Base3usa!
  Base3usa NZ Headquarters
PO Box 4372, Mt Maunganui, New Zealand
Phone: +64-7-575-6903   Fax: +64-7-575 8960
  Base3usa USA Warehouse
1145 Uniform Road, Griffin, GA 30224
Phone: +1-678-373-4041 Fax: +1-770-412-8403